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  • Research design

  • Defining goals and outcomes

  • Project management & timelines 

  • Knowledge mobilization

  • Dissemination of results

Designing Transformative research

  • Outreach plans

  • Identifying community groups & partners

  • Build engagement into the research design

meaningful collaboration

  • Research Methods and Design

  • Feminist Methodology

  • Community-Based Research

  • Interviews with Survivors

  • Workshops and one-on-one support

tailored supports & training

About Krys

Krys is a queer non-binary social justice researcher, writer, educator, and activist. They work and live in Ottawa on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg peoples.

Transformative Research 

Krys is passionate about designing qualitative and mixed-methods research projects that will make an impact and create positive social change. They believe in research that is transformative, collaborative, community-based, participatory, and accessible.

Centering Lived Expertise

Krys comes to their work from lived experience with poverty and gender based violence. These experiences propelled them into activism and have shaped their approach to research design. Using intersectional feminist, trauma-informed, collaborative, and community-based participatory approaches, Krys works to break down power in research, reduce potential harm, and centre the expertise of lived experts.

Qualitative Research Design

Specializing in qualitative research methods (interviews, focus groups), Krys facilitates a safe(er), accessible, and engaging space for research participants, lived experts, and collaborators to participate in a way that is mutually meaningful for them. Interviews and focus groups are an opportunity to create relationships, build trust, and create an exchange that is empowering for all involved, and that can live on long after the research has taken place – community-building is an essential part of social justice research and makes it stronger and more impactful.

Quantitative Research Design

In addition to their qualitative expertise, Krys is well-versed in designing surveys for NGOs and non-profits from small-scale local community surveys to large comprehensive national surveys. Working with the research team, Krys can assist in identifying the key research questions, how the results will be used (advocacy, policy, education etc.), and understanding the audience and  knowledge mobilization tools (campaigns, infographics, fact sheets, reports etc.).

Facilitator and Community Bridge-Builder

As a strong facilitator who makes room for all voices around the table, Krys will also help the research team identify collaborators, partners, and other groups from the community who can enliven the research and to help ensure the team is asking questions and developing solutions that are relevant to the communities that you are working with, that resonates with people's lived experiences, that are accessible, and that are going to benefit the community or address a need or gap that they have identified to have a real impact.

Community-Based Participatory Research

Community groups come to us to gather the information that will help them achieve their goals, whether that be through policy changes, organizational transformation, or through creating awareness campaigns. These groups are often under- resourced and staffed and this is why they are trusting us to do the work. Working with Krys you will learn new ways to collaborate that ensures that the group’s priorities/goals are integrated, that their input is built into the project design at each stage of the research, and that the end product and data it is accessible and usable for them.

Cross-Sectoral Services

Krys is available to work with NGOs and non-profits, academics and graduate students, and government researchers.


Director of Research and Policy


Develop and facilitate qualitative and quantitative national research studies on violence against women (VAW) shelters and transition houses. Write policy briefs, conduct policy analysis, and design accessible presentations for stakeholders and members.


Postdoctoral Fellow


A SSHRC-funded qualitative study examining VAW shelter frontline workers, labour, and unionization. Conducted twenty in-depth interviews with workers, management, and labour representatives.




Assisted the board of directors to implement a new policy to serve people of all gender identities  (transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, and cis and trans men) who are survivors of sexual assault. Facilitated discussion on policy design and organized a focus group with community stakeholders.

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